Bassinet skirt

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As you know…we’re getting ready for a new baby girl. 
I can’t resist going all out girlie with her room. (You probably already figured that out with the rosette lamp.)
I started searching for the perfect bassinet skirt. I found a few really awesome versions, but just couldn’t afford their prices.
Source Price: $899.00
Source Price: $1100.00
Source Price: $1044.00
So, I decided to make my own version. Here’s what I came up with…

Won’t my sweet Scarlett be sleeping in style?
Just wait until you see the crib bedding!!!
Oh, and if anyone’s interested…I’m going to be selling custom bassinet skirts and crib bedding on etsy soon! Just have to get all my pics uploaded.
 I’m VERY excited!!!!
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  • Thrifty Crafty Girl

    Who is paying $1,000 for a bassinet skirt? Holy Moly! The one that you made is so beautiful!

  • Katrina

    Hello I know this post is old but I was wondering where did you buy the shell/frame for the skirt??? Thanks!!

  • Annette Rose

    Katrina, I’ve had the bassinet since my 13 year old was a baby. I think you can find them at Babies R Us though. It’s just a simple white bassinet.

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