Zebra print backpack

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I can’t believe it’s that time of year again! School started last Monday in our neck of the woods. My sweet baby girl is now a 12 year old 7th grader!!! Insane…I know!!!
Being that she’s not a teenager and yet not a kid (according to her) anymore, we had to do something a little different this year. A regular ole’ backpack just would not work!
We found a zebra print purse at Wal-mart. It was only $10.00!!! I took it to my sweet friend Elisha at EK2 Designs, here in town, and had her embroider Crimson’s name on it. Hot pink letters of course! Then I took matching ribbon and made rosettes to sew on!
The backpack purse was a HUGE hit! I got so many comments on her first day pics…not just about how much she had grown, but how cute her bag was!
Major score on the mommy points!!!!
I couldn’t resist showing you a pic of my darling daughter on her first day! You’re probably wondering why the bag is so full??? That would be all her school supplies! She has 10 classes this year! 10!!! Craziness I tell ya!!!!
Hope your kids are off to a good start at school this year….or will be soon! If you’re homeschooling…more power to ya! I don’t have the patience!!!

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