Pinned it – Did it! American Flag T-shirt

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I decided I wanted to start a new series. I’m not sure which day of the week this will end up, but I have a huge obsession with Pinterest…I mean HUGE! I have 1,000s of pins in just my sewing projects board! 
Here is my first installment of the Pinned it – Did it! series. The American Flag T-shirt.
I made this for my baby girl, Scarlett, on the 4th of July, but since I’ve been a loser in the posting department, you’re getting it at the first of August!
I have no idea where the original pin came from…the one I pinned is just a pic, with no tutorial or even where to buy, so I had to make my own tutorial.
I started with a kid’s t-shirt, red large rick rack and polka dot blue grosgrain ribbon.
I cut 1 short strip and 2 longer strips of the rick rack, just eyeballing it. Since this was for a 10 month old, I had to size it down. The original pic has 4 strips of rick rack.
After I had them where I liked, I pinned and sewed them in place.
Made a cute boutique bow out of the polka dot ribbon and hand sewed it on. (making sure it was attached very well as my baby loves to chew on ribbon)
I think it turned out great. Here is the original pic for comparison: 
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