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Today we are featuring Rhonda of Lil’ Bit Sassy:

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.
My name is Rhonda and I live in northwestern PA (where winter never seems to end). I come from a rather large, close-knit family (7 nieces, one nephew, 4 great nieces and 6 great nephews). I enjoy reading, shooting guns, motorcycle riding (we have a Harley V-Rod), cross stitching and of course sewing.
2. When did you start your biz?
I guess I “started” my business in 2009 when I officially opened a shop on etsy.
3. Why did you start your biz?
I started it for extra money but also because friends and family encouraged me to do so.
4. What do you find most rewarding about owning your own biz?
I love working for myself. I love that I can (sometimes) make my own hours. I love the confidence it gives me knowing that I actually MAKE things that people want to buy! And what I love most is the joy I bring to the little ones (and their moms) with my products.
5. What do you find most frustrating about owning your own biz?
Definitely the most frustrating thing is the ups and downs. One week I’ll do ok and then I won’t sell anything for two or more weeks, so with that I suppose it’s the fluctuation of sales. This also makes me think sometimes if I’ll ever be as successful as some are at selling handmade so it can be frustrating at times.
6. If you could go back to before your started your biz and tell yourself something, what would you say?
Are you CRAZY?!
7. Do you have kids? If so, do you find it easy to work with them? What tips could you give to balancing work and play with them?
No kids here just four cats. However I do find it hard to work on weekends when my other half is home. There are a lot of interruptions 🙂
8. Are you a full time biz owner or do you work outside the home? Any tips on balancing a full/part time job with your biz?
I mainly work from home now. I did work part-time while still running my home business in the retail field but I had to give that up when I developed knee problems and tendinitis in my arm.
9. What do you want to gain from your biz? Where do you see yourself? Ultimate goal?
My ultimate goal is to get to the point where I can make as much money as I would if I had a “regular” job. I hear of sellers who can go to Disneyland or pay the bills or even hire help. I know that sounds crazy since most people want to become rich but I don’t. I just want to make enough to be able to do any of those things and maybe go see my family more than once a year (they live in TN).
10. Anything else you would like to share?
If anyone wants to do this for a living realize that it is extremely hard work, in fact the hardest job I’ve ever had. You spend a lot of time promoting or making new things. There’s the worry of whether you’ll be successful or not. There’s the nights when you can’t get to sleep because you have ideas running through your head. It’s not easy but it is worth it if you can become successful at it. I wouldn’t recommend that anyone try it unless they do have the time and willingness to put into it.
Etsy or other like site link?
One of the cutest things in her shop are the super hero capes! Would your little one love running around as their favorite super hero?
And these tooth fairy pillows…ADORABLE!!!
Then there is the remote holder owls! My kid would pull the remotes out to play with the owl!
Go check her out and let her know I sent you!
The Business Babe posts are not paid posts. Just want you to know about a few great woman run shops!
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